Musings of Aspiration

Teaching, singing and reaching for the stars…


Who am I?

I am a mature year 1 trainee primary teacher training at Edge Hill University.  I am also a mum to two wonderful (depending when you ask me) children.  I live in the North West and am very active in my local catholic community, singing with Salford Cathedral Choir and parent governor at my children’s school.  All opinions expressed are my own, be it informed or otherwise.

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Why “Musings of Aspiration”?

I am a perfectionist.

I realised this year, with the emphasis on self-awareness that training to become a teacher involves, that perfectionism isn’t always a positive.  In fact, it can be downright depressing.  I strive for perfection but I am also trying to accept that sometimes I have to be happy with my achievements as they are.perfectionist-guide


I make no apology for being boring.  This blog will serve a dual purpose: to fulfil my egocentric need to offer my own opinions on education and other topics that are important to me, and to support my Teachers Standards portfolio.  You have been duly warned …

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